AIMSS Research Rundown


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The AIMSS Research Rundown outlines a snapshot of projects AIMSS has been active in to date. Whilst reliant on appropriate funding being put in place, several new projects are being discussed/assessed/considered, some of which are also listed below.



Accident Data Recording

This research program is part of a wider program commissioned by the FIA Institute. In Australia units are fitted to all V8 Supercars, the crash information from all cars from various FIA categories around the world are creating a bank of information that is of great importance in extending our knowledge of biomechanics and human tolerance to injury, influencing the design and regulation of safety equipment to ultimately benefit all CAMS licences holders.


Thermoregulation and Heat Stress in Motor Sport 

Research commissioned by AIMSS has studied the effects of heat, hydration and carbon monoxide on drivers and crews over two major motor sport events. Those studies have provided up to date research data to the FIA Institute, and contributed to the development of the useful hydration guide for CAMS Members ‘Clear to steer” (click here for booklet).


Crash Data Collection and Analysis

This study collated data drawn from routine CAMS incident and injury reports over a 12 month period. This is a fundamental step towards rational risk assessment and countermeasure identification to develop improved safety measures for CAMS licence holders, officials and spectators.


Restraint Harness Life

Research and testing commission by AIMSS, determined that for CAMS licence holders, (excluding international events) the validity period of your FIA approved restrain harness is extended from 5 to 10 years.


V8 Supercar Crash Test

Enhancing the safety of drivers through front and side impact testing of a full scale race car, allowing accurate data to be collated and a ‘bullet’ sled to be modelled and built from the results. This sled is already in use assessing impact outcomes and solutions, providing information for the FIA Institute in it’s ongoing pursuit of improved technical specifications for roll over and side intrusion protection systems.


Cockpit Head Protection

Implementation into the CAMS regulations of specification for roll cage padding to protect the head and arms of drivers during an accident.


Materials Degradation ‘Magnesium’

Providing a guide for CAMS competitors and owners of Historic Racing regarding how magnesium components are affected by age and stress.


Additional Research Projects Under Consideration/Discussion

  • Driver Hearing & Protection 
  • Guide -The use and fitting of Head & Neck Restraints 
  • Guide – Safety  Equipment and Apparel
  • Competition Seat – Extension to validity period
  • Fuel Cell – Extension to validity period
  • Review – Extrication and Egress practices for crashed closed cars
  • Review/Study In car air filtering option
  • Protective Clothing for Drivers –  A review of FIA Standard 8856-2000
  • Materials Degradation – A guide for Composites
  • Materials – A study of Non Flammable Paints & Resins 
  • Materials – An audit of flammable materials used Cockpits.
  • Restraint Harness – Releasing when Inverted.
  • Use of temporary road barriers for single release speed events
  • Ageing Competition Driver’s Capability