AIMSS Review Australian Rallying

AIMSS Review Australian Rallying

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport has engaged the services of the Australian Institute for Motor Sport Safety to undertake a wide ranging enquiry into the popular motor sport of rallying in Australia.


In line with the growing profile of rallying, the comprehensive review will commit AIMSS to inquire, consider, report and make recommendations for the future, across the landscape of motorsport safety within and around the various forms of rally competition.

Competitor and vehicle safety and systems will be a primary focus, with additional consideration given to all participants, including crews, officials and spectators.

AIMSS Chairman Bob Glindemann, who will also act as the Chairman of the Enquiry said “This is a significant project and AIMSS will in the first instance put in place the mechanisms to ensure this review will deliver appropriate and accurate reporting and recommendations.”

“AIMSS will use both it’s own resources and expertise, and will consult and seek the cooperation of various bodies and stakeholders that operate rallying in Australia.”

“One of the real and significant challenges within this project will require making recommendations taking into account the significant divide that exists between the elite level and the plethora of grass roots level competitors, who derive so much enjoyment at minimal cost from this sport.”

To complement its own knowledge base, AIMSS is also a research partner of the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety and Sustainability, and has access to the very latest safety research and developments around vehicle competition, including rallying.

AIMSS, founded by CAMS in 2007, is the peak body for motor sport safety and related research in Australia


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