Background & Logic – Competition Harness Life Extension

Background & Logic - Competition Harness Life Extension



To reduce wasteful redundancy of often expensive competition harnesses for CAMS members, AIMSS undertook a research project into whether the industry standard of five years for the maximum life of competition harnesses was appropriate. In doing so, AIMSS collaborated with Autoliv, a major FIA-approved crash and equipment test laboratory based in Melbourne, who tested various used competition harnesses of varying age, (from 6 to over 20 years), use and manufacture, in accordance with FIA requirements.

None of the redundant harnesses that previously met FIA Standard 8853/98 or 8854/98 failed under the applied test and as a result AIMSS made a recommendation to CAMS that the validity period for harnesses in Australia for non-international competition could be safely extended from five to ten years. The recommendation was accepted and has since been implemented by the Confederation.

CAMS has correctly stressed the need for ongoing careful inspection of harness assemblies at the time of pre-competition and targeted scrutiny.


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