Barbagallo Start Line Incident – Photo Sequence


V8Supercar start-line, Barbagallo Raceway, Western Australia, 2011.

This significant impact (measured at nearly 40g) between Steve Owen (rear) and Karl Reindler (stationary car), ruptured the full fuel cell in Reindlers car, (75 Lites Sucrogen Bioethanol), and split the rear firewall allowing fuel into the cockpit.

This incident demonstrated many facets of motor sport safety related equipment, apparel, personell and procedure put to the test – simultaneously. Both cars all but destroyed in the 130kph impact, yet both drivers escaped with relatively minor injury under these circumstances.

A close inspection of the following photographic sequence make a clear statement regarding the benefit of investing in quality safety equipment & apparel. Additionally, the new generation of V8Supercars will position the fuel cell under the rear cockpit floor just ahead of the rear axle.

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Photography Scott Wensley 

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Footage provided by 7 Network