Cockpit Protection Concept – The Forward Roll Over Hoop

Cockpit Protection Concept - The Forward Roll Over Hoop

Front Rollover Hoop Medium

Meet the forward roll-hoop – the latest step in the FIA Institute’s meticulous research into improved cockpit protection for open-wheel single-seater drivers.

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An experimental titanium rollover hoop and support bracket was impact tested by a 20kg F1 wheel and tyre assembly fired at high speed from a compressed nitrogen powered cannon.

The roll-hoop could theoretically be fitted to a car, forming an impact-deflecting barrier ahead of the driver. Initial results were very promising. The roll-hoop was able to keep a wheel away from a driver’s head with tests firing the wheel down the centre of the car, and also coming at it from an angle. The impact also deflated the tyre during both tests which means that the deflected wheel doesn’t bounce as much.

The process is only at the research stage, with the FIA Institute effectively conducting experiments to test the science behind the theories and continues its intriguing and essential progress towards an even safer future for single-seater racing drivers.

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