Hybrid III Neck for Crash Dummies

Hybrid III Neck for Crash Dummies

Hybrid III Neck 2 Scan

The FIA Institute and its partners have developed a new neck for crash test dummies (Hybrid III), that better examines the extreme forces experienced by racing drivers.

The Hybrid III design allows the ‘crash dummies’ neck to stretch so the actual position of the head in relation to the car environment and safety equipment can be simulated and measured.

The Institute will use the new neck to test and evaluate new head restraint systems, in-cockpit racing nets and side supports on seats in closed cars, and neck braces for karting and motor cycling.

The threshold for neck or basal skull injury is around four kilonewtons at which point the a human neck will stretch by about 30mm, so it is vital that we know how the position of the head is changing to understand whether or not a particular product is providing the right levels of safety.

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