Installation Guide for Frontal Head Restraints

Installation Guide for Frontal Head Restraints

The FIA has released documentation with guidelines for the use of Frontal Head Restraints (FHR). If you compete with a FHR, it is important to ensure you correctly wear the device to ensure your safety in the event of an incident.

A Frontal Head Restraint restrains the driver’s head relative to their torso during a frontal or angled-frontal impact thereby, reducing the loads to the head and neck.

There are different types of FHR systems approved, these include the HANS®, HYBRID and HYBRID PRO devices.

These documents aim to give some basic guidelines on the aspects to take into account when selecting and using a HANS®/HYBRID or HYBRID PRO for racing competitions. These guidelines apply to HANS®/HYBRID or HYBRID PRO approved according to FIA Standards 8858-2002 and 8858-2010 that are included in Technical List n°29 available in the FIA web site under the homologations section.

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