RACQ to Partner AIMSS in Road Safety Research Project

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) has confirmed that it will partner with the Australian Institute of Motor Sport Safety (AIMSS) in undertaking a research project on road safety.

AIMSS recently confirmed the commissioning of four research projects, with one study to focus on the link between the correlation of advanced driver training and motor sport experience, with the likelihood of being involved in a road crash.

RACQ will assist AIMSS by providing a sampling frame of motorists who consent to taking part in the survey.

This project will use an online survey to sample drivers of all ages in an effort to identify whether training or recreational activities that involve advanced car control have any impact on the number and severity of road crashes.

With road safety a highly emotive and politicised issue across Australia, it is hoped the study will provide further insight into the role pre-licence and post-licence driver training courses have in reducing road trauma.

“This project can only give us more knowledge when it comes to saving lives and continues RACQ’s commitment to safer drivers in safer cars on safer roads”, RACQ Group CEO Ian Gillespie said.

“Part of RACQ’s core focus is our obligation to Queenslanders to help deliver better road safety outcomes through education and infrastructure strategies which will reduce the number of accidents, injuries and deaths on our roads,” he said.

Presently, there is anecdotal debate surrounding whether advanced driver training and motor sport experiences increase or reduce the risk of a crash on public roads.

There are also other factors that can potentially affect the incidence of road crashes which also needs to be considered, ranging from age and experience, risk taking attitude and the amount of time spent driving.

AIMSS Chairman Mr Garry Connelly seeks to test the validity of this assumption.

“AIMSS seeks to provide substantial evidence to support the debate on the merits of advanced driving experience,” Mr Connelly said.

“If we can demonstrate the benefits this experience provides in contributing to safer roads, it will be an enormous benefit to society and a boost for our sport.”

“On behalf of the AIMSS board, I would like to thank RACQ for their assistance in this vital research for the benefit of road safety,” Mr Connelly said.

“We’re anticipating the final report to be released by mid-2017.”

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