V8 Supercar Crash Test

V8 Supercar Crash Test

V8 Crash test no backgroundWith collaboration from the FIA Institute and V8 Supercars Australia, AIMSS rebuilt an accident damaged V8 Supercar donated by Paul Weel Racing and shipped it to an FIA Institute accredited test facility in Frankfurt, Germany to conduct a high speed front on impact. (see video below)

The car was impacted at 100km/h into an instrumented wall containing an array of load cells, specifically to measure the ‘imprint’ forces of the impacting car and allow a detailed data capture of the event.

As a result of the information gathered from the test, the FIA Institute has allowed a new impact sled to be built which can replicate/simulate the effects of a V8 Supercar ‘bullet’ vehicle hitting a ‘target’ vehicle. This minimises the need for destroying real ‘bullet’ vehicles and maximises the research opportunity. Subsequent sled testing has led to the development and testing of stronger, more efficient side impact structures with further testing being done.

It is intended that ultimately this research will flow into other closed car categories over time, internationally and in Australia.

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Watch the Video – See the impact sled test (Story provided V8Xtra – Seven Network)

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