You Really Do Need an FHR (Frontal Head Restraint)

You Really Do Need an FHR (Frontal Head Restraint)

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Picture: There are now several variations of FHR devices currently approved and available, including the Simpson ‘Hybrid Pro’ pictured on right.  Click below to view the current FIA approved list of FHR (Frontal Head Restraint) device systems.



HANS (Head And Neck Support) has recently celebrated 25 years since it was first used in competition.

Developed by IMSA Champion Jim Downing and Professor Robert Hubbard one of the world’s foremost experts in spinal biomechanics), HANS is now a popular choice amongst drivers with more than a 130,000 in use every weekend.

Neck restraints are now compulsory for all FIA Championships, CART and NASCAR, and while it is impossible to prove the HANS success rate, the incidence of basilar skull fractures fades away from sports that mandate a head restraint.

Skull fractures of this type are an unwelcome consequence of other safety measures. In a head-on collision, shoulder belts restrain the torso – but the unrestrained head continues along its path. As the harness pulls the shoulders rearwards and down the neck is stretched. Remembering the helmet also adds around 20-25 per cent to the weight of the head and increases the loading between head and shoulders. Something has to give and the base of the skull is the weak point.

HANS has achieved near saturation in elite level racing, however the vast majority of racing done worldwide is at an amateur level, where an effective head restraint is all the more vital at venues that may not have the latest safety barriers or medical intervention options. Some have hailed the HANS device as the best safety device since the seat belt.

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FIA Approved FHR Frontal Head Restraint Systems Dec 2015 Click for FIA Guide to Frontal Head Restraint Compatible Helmets Nov 2015

Click for CAMS Bulletin Relevant to FHR – Issued April 2014

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