Summit Recording

All Summit sessions were recorded. Please see below for all sessions.

Welcome & Opening

Join Jess Dane, Garry Connelly and Jean Todt for the official opening and welcome to the AIMSS Motorsport Safety Summit.

The Evolution of Safety in Motorsport

Join Roland Dane for a facinating walk through in-car and personal safety innovations over the past 15 years.

Panel Discussion One - Keeping Grass Roots Safe

Kristen Bailey, Janette Tan, Niroshan Pereira and Paul Morris discuss keeping motorsport safe at the grass-roots level and the trade off between money and safety.

Feature Presentation - The Track Positioning Project

Ty Anderson from MoTec discusses the Track Positioning Project.

Feature Presentation - Crashtag Incident Reporting App

Join Ash Dunbabin for a look at Crashtag.

Panel Discussion - Children in Motorsport

Join Dr Michael Myers, Lisa Skaife & Karl Reinder for a look at safety for Children in Motorsport.

Feature Presentation - The Cost of Counterfeit

Join David Stuart for a look at the drawbacks of counterfeit safety equipment.

Pitch my Project

A competition to give great motorsport ideas and projects a platform to show off there projects.

Feature Presentation - Return to Sport after Downtime.

Join Dr David Hughes from the AIS for a discussion about returning to sport after downtime.

Facilitated Scenario One

An exploration of critical decisions and how they are made during a motorsport Circuit incident.

Facilitated Scenario Two

An exploration of critical decisions and how they are made during a motorsport Rally incident.

Feature Presentation - New Wave Education & Training

Exploring how we can use new technologies to improve training and outcomes in motorsport.

Feature Presentation - Global Motorsport Safety

Join Adam Baker from the FIA for a look at Global Motorsport Safety from the perspective of the FIA.

Feature Formula One Panel

Join Mark Webber & Fernando Alonso for a discussion on some of the larger incidents in their careers and the safety equipment that saved them.

Safety in Action - Romain Grosjean

Romain and Jess discuss in detail the infamous 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix incident and the safety systems that saved Romain's life.

Pitch my Project - Winners Announcement

The winning teams are announced from the Pitch my Project Session.

AIMSS Safety Summit Closing

Thank you to all Summit attendees, speakers, convening panel and also Jess Dane.