AIMSS conducted comprehensive research into the safety of rally in Australia. In 2016, AIMSS released this research called the "Review of Safety in Rallying Australia". The study examined many aspects of safety and made 34 recommendations to improve safety in rallying.

One of the critical issues the research identified is the lack of reporting of rally incidents, both minor and significant, which led to 'Recommendation 28' - see the full research paper here. The issue of low incident reporting is not only an issue in Australia but the rest of the world. Furthermore, poor incident reporting is not just a rallying issue, but it is widespread in all forms of motorsport.

Recommendation 28 makes a case for more significant levels of reporting. However, the underlying issue is that incident reporting is a complicated manual (paper) process. Sadly, many motorsport officials being volunteers do not have the time to complete, track and manage the incident process.


In response to 'Recommendation 28', AIMSS undertook a project to build an easy to use Mobile Phone Application to encourage more incident reporting. In 2020, AIMSS secured funding from the FIA Innovation Fund to continue to develop the concept of Crashtag and to also roll Crashtag out to four ASNs in 2020 - Australia, United Kingdom, France & Sri-Lanka.

Key Features:

Role-based Incident Reporting:

Role-based Incident reporting: Crashtag is smart enough to know that officials and scrutineers do very different jobs at a motorsport event. As such, Crashtag tailors incident questions to your role at a motorsport event.


Motorsport doctors & medics can use Crashtag to detail the medical details of an incident. This data is stored securely. Only those who need to know this information have access to it.

Incident detail sketching and Image upload:

Crashtag can take a sketch of the damage of the car involved in the incident and also allows you to upload images from the incident.


Crashtag has a comprehensive backend which allows ASN administrators to review and compile reporting from an event.

Report Export:

Crashtag can export reports for the FIA World Accident Database.

Comprehensive Database:

In the future, Crashtag will serve as the basis for research and analysis into motorsport incidents. Emerging tools such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be leveraged on the Crashtag dataset to drive insights in safety.

Crashtag is available in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

Crashtag Video Image