AIMSS Funding

AIMSS is a not for profit organisation and engages industry, universities, specialised testing houses and other research bodies to carry out important research on behalf of AIMSS and the FIA Institute on motorsport related safety matters.

AIMSS work is primarily funded via memberships and the voluntary contributions from Motorsport Australia licence holders and research grants from the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety and Sustainability. AIMSS is also supported by the unpaid work of the AIMSS Directors and members of our Research Advisory Panel, and various motorsport industry suppliers and race teams.

Adequate funding is critical to the ongoing ability to conduct motorsport safety research and provide safety information and education programs for the benefit of all the Australian motorsport community.

AIMSS will be seeking to enhance its research funding base via Professional & Corporate Memberships.

Please contact us should you have interest in becoming a member.