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Review of Safety in Rallying in Australia

30 Nov 2016 - Category: Research

Executive Summary


The Board of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) has requested AIMSS to undertake a wide ranging review of the sport of rallying in Australia. The core focus of the review is to inquire into, consider, report and make recommendations on the following matters:

  • The current engineering, management and safety response requirements applicable to all forms of Rallying in Australia; and
  • Any existing or new developments or technologies which may be applicable to Rallying and the feasibility of introducing new or additional requirements to Rallying at each of its levels, from the introductory/novice level to Australian Rally Championship and Tarmac Rally levels.

The focus of concentration for the review and its report was on safety issues specific to rallies. Over-arching issues such as occupational health and safety were not part of the review.

The review report draws attention to the fact that serious incidents in rallies have effects that extend well beyond the competitor, including families, friends, crews and organisers. The perception of the sport in the wider community may be adversely affected.

The report was prepared in conjunction with, and in part relying on information provided by lead regulatory and research bodies including CAMS, the Australian Rally Commission (ARCom), and the FIA Institutive for Motor Sport Safety and Sustainability (FIAI).


Download the full review by clicking here.