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The Cost of Fake Safety Harnesses

14 Sep 2021 > Safety Alert

At AIMSS, our role is to highlight potential safety issues to motorsport competitors. Sadly, a common cause of injury to competitors is caused by fake safety harnesses.

At the recent AIMSS Safety Summit, David Stuart held a fascinating look at the Cost of Counterfeit Safety Equipment. Please see this video below:

At AIMSS, we encourage you to take a good look at your safety equipment and ensure that all your safety equipment contains a genuine FIA Hologram. In the coming weeks, we will have a deeper dive into detecting fake equipment and fake FIA Holograms.

We encourage you to ensure you purchase safety equipment from reputable providers. Saving a few dollars on a safety harness could cost you severe injury or even worse. Stay safe.

Motorsport Australia and the FIA are constantly posting safety warnings about fake safety equipment.

See the below: